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    happy pet, happy owner
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    no cages, reduced pet anxiety,
    stress-free environment
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    personalized attention and grooming
    experience for you and your pet


All services include premium, all-natural, non-toxic coat and skin products. We have an assortment of shampoos and conditioners—hypo-allergenic, oatmeal, medicated, tearless, and moisturizing, to name a few. If you have a medicated or specialty shampoo that you wish to provide for your pet's bath, we will be happy to use it instead.¬†All faces are washed with a tearless shampoo and scrub to avoid eye irritation.

*Groom Service now offers latchkey service after the initial visit. You can feel safe knowing we will take care of your pet's grooming even when you can't be home.

five star bathing services

five star grooming services

add-ons (optional five star services with extra fees)

we have monthly, biweekly, and weekly maintenance programs available

Our maintenance programs utilize all of our services to help keep your cat or dog looking, feeling, (and smelling) their best. Pets that benefit from one of our maintenance programs may have long and/or easily matted hair, a skin issue, or be very active and "stinky". We can discuss whether or not this option is appropriate or beneficial for your pet.


All pricing is done on an individual basis, according to size, difficulty, and the amount of time required to complete services. Please call, text, or email for an estimate.