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    no cages, reduced pet anxiety,
    stress-free environment
  • maltese haircut
    personalized attention and grooming
    experience for you and your pet


Groom Service was created so I could offer my clients and their dogs and cats an alternative to the traditional grooming salon experience. After working in grooming shops for over 30 years I decided I wanted something more, a way to connect with the animals entrusted to my care. Groom Service is a hands on grooming process, at no time during the grooming is the pet put in a crate or left alone. Without the distractions and interruptions of phones, customers coming in and out, and other animals, I have more time to get to know each pet individually; build a relationship with them and learn the best way to approach each pet to make them feel comfortable and secure. I use positive reinforcement and reward good behaviors with extra attention and treats if appropriate. All of this makes the grooming experience much more rewarding for the groomer and less stressful for the pets and the owners.

While the grooming shop environment works for most pets, mobile grooming is especially helpful for:

I have been active in the grooming industry for 30+ years, working in large corporate and small, locally owned shops in Texas. Most recently at the Plush Pad in Austin. Over the years I have worked with and learned from a variety of professional groomers to hone my grooming skills. I did an apprenticeship with Catherine Dye who is still grooming and offering workshops in her shop in Northwest Austin. I believe in continuing my education through grooming seminars and workshops, other professional groomers, and my clients, both the four-legged and two-legged varieties.